LX1 Bias Lighting

LX1 Bias Lighting 3 Meters

$24.95 $34.95

Take your TV to the next level with LX1 Bias Lights.

LX1 Bias Lights were designed to enhance your TV’s color and contrast, bringing you the best picture that your TV can produce, while reducing eye strain and providing a calibrated white point reference to preserve image accuracy.

Featuring 6500K (video white) LEDs with an impressive color rendering index (CRI) of 95, the LX1 bias light was designed by home cinema lighting experts to make your TV look its best.

Pair the LX1 with an LX1 dimmer (sold separately), to create a complete bias lighting system.


  • ISF-certified, accurate 6500K ColorGrade LX1 LEDs
  • 3 Meters / 9.8 Feet
  • CRI 95
  • 350 Lumens
  • Connects via USB 3.0 (lengths shorter than 4m work via USB 2.0)
  • Compatible with USB or DC adapter-based dimmers (dimmer sold separately). 
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty


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Robbie A.
United States United States
Great Add, Easy to Install

Been looking at bias lighting for a while, but was honestly skeptical of the many (ie chinese knockoff) brands online. When I saw the team behind MediaLight had a more affordable option, I jumped on it right away, and haven't looked back.

A LX1 Bias Lighting Customer
Robert H.
United States United States
Probably going to be buying a lot more...

... as gifts for friends and family!

Chad Y.
United States United States
Luminoodle killer

The LX1 is fire. I attached it to my Sony X950H with ease. The 5 meter length was perfect for my 75" TV. The color accuracy looks spot on. I'm comparing it to a gray screen on my TV, which was professionally-calibrated by Geek Squad. I just bought 2 more LX1, one for my PC and one for my smaller 55" TV. If you put it side by side with the luminoodle the luminoodle looks very blue. The LX1 looks like pure white.

United States United States
Surpassed my Expectations!

Purchased a couple of these for a 43" TVs, four-sided installations. Perfect length for this application, with the ability to mount the strip approximately 2" from the edges with length to spare. The strip comes to neatly rolled with 3M double-sided tape affixed to the back and packaged in a nice bag. I used blue painter's tape for the initial test mount (I recommend doing so to get angles and distance perfectly), but as long as the surface is cleaned beforehand (dust/oil), foresee no issues with the 3M adhesive sticking. I connected the 3m strip via USB 2.0, which powered it with no issues. Upon turning them on, I was very pleased with not only the look, but feel of the LX1 strip. The high CRI and 6500K color are not only pleasing to the eyes, but very soothing as well. I found 10% to be the most pleasant for viewing, but will definitely utilize higher percentages when in need of a bit more ambient light and less focused on a cinematic experience. It creates a very nice ambiance overall. The Infrared Remote Control & Dimmer is very nice, a must-have for adjusting the strips. I am sure the In-Line Dimmer is adequate too, potentially less convenient depending on your TV setup though. Just ensure the infrared control has a clear line of sight for the remote to work properly. The LX1 strip powered on/off with the TV itself (via TV remote). However, it did increase the brightness to 100% before powering down and remained at 100% when powering back on. When powering off the strip via LX1 remote control dimmer, prior to turning off the TV, the lights remained at my desired brightness upon powering them back on (via LX1 remote). When I powered on/off the TV and LX1 separately, the LX1 strip remained off even when turning my TV on, so you will need to power on the LX1 strip separately if you care about brightness level memory. If not, powering the strips on/off with the TV remote is convenient and even found the 100% brightness to be dramatic when turning the TV on. One push of the 10% preset button on the LX1 remote and good to go. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and strongly recommend giving it a shot. Jason was very prompt and thorough with any inquiries regarding his products and LEDs in general. He goes above and beyond and definitely takes a lot of pride in his work and customer service. I contemplated bias lighting for a few years before pulling the trigger. When I initially discovered bias lighting, I was a bit skeptical and wondered if it was a gimmick. The overabundance of cheap low-quality LED strips on Amazon did not instill confidence either. However, I came across the MediaLight Mk2 (remember seeing the original MediaLight a few years back) and it led me to their budget-oriented LX1 line. This allowed me to justify sampling the concept/product without breaking the bank. After looking through the website and corresponding with Jason, I can see the amount of research and quality control he goes through. I can assure you his products truly are an asset to any setup. The LX1 line allowed me to keep my budget reasonable without a sacrifice in quality or experience. If I had a larger budget and more practical application for even higher CRI LEDs (professional photo/video editing or full-scale home theater), I would have given the MediaLight Mk2 a shot. All in all, if you are like me and anticipate using these for modest setups, or just prefer to keep costs down without sacrificing quality, give the LX1 strips a shot.

LX1 Bias Lighting

Sounds like a potentially defective dimmer. It should retain its brightness level when the TV turns off. Can you check again and let us know? It can appear brighter when it turns back on because it slowly fades on.

Nestor G.
United States United States

I'm not sure why this is so much cheaper than MediaLight but it's frickin' amazing. The white point is spot-on. Truly impressive, guys. Installation was a breeze. The optional remote dimmer works as it should. Bravo.