LX1 Bias Lighting

LX1 Remote control troubleshooting

We've compiled a list of the most common troubleshooting steps that resolve dimmer issues. 

We're sorry that some of the questions sound kind of obvious, but the steps are listed in order of the most effective solutions. In other words, not having the power switch turned on is actually the #1 issue.

If one or more of these steps don't solve the problem, we will expedite a replacement remote and dimmer to you.

1) Is the power turned on?

If yes, please give the lights more than a few seconds to respond the first time that they are turned on.  Sometimes there is a power up delay when the lights are plugged into a new device. It can take up to 10-15 seconds depending on the power source. 

If your remote control has a "clear" button, please press the clear button.  There are some extra modes on this LX1 remote, but we've selected this remote because it doesn't interfere with Vizio TVs and because has fewer complications when working with the Sony Bravia USB standby bug. Once you've pressed clear, please press the power button again. 

2) If you are running power from the TV/monitor/computer, is the device turned on? Many devices don't provide power when the device is turned off (some do, and that's another issue entirely). The dimmer won't work when there is no power to the USB port.

3) Is the dimmer attached? The "LED controller" needs to be attached. (2nd most common cause of the remote not working 😂).

4) Is there clear line of sight between the dimmer and the remote control (Have you seen this video with placement guidance?)

5) What is the power source?. If it doesn't work with the TV power does it work with another adapter, such as an iPad or iPhone adapter?A lot of problems are caused when an insufficient power source is used. Reminder: Quick charge (often marked with a Q with a lightning bolt) adapters modulate the power (to expedite battery charging).  They can cause flickering and can also cause the remote control to malfunction while attached.

Please avoid using 12v and 24v power.  The LX1 strip is built to run on 5v. It will destruct instantaneously if you connect it to another power source. 

6) Please really make sure that you've tried a different power source (other than the monitor, TV, computer or adapter that you were using the first time). 

7) After powering on and plugging into the adapter, please wait 1 minute and then press the on/off button 10 times while connected to the included adapter. Do the lights react? Sometimes, it takes up to 3 seconds for the lights to power on for the first time when using the included an adapter. This is called "power up delay" and can happen when using the included adapter, or when connected to your TV. It usually only happens the first time you use them or if you haven't use them in a long time.

If these issues don't solve your remote control woes, the dimmer might be fried and we'll send a replacement. Contact us via chat or via the contact form below.

In any case, dimmers are covered for 5 years, so don't forget to contact us if this ever happens again.

Lastly, please let me know your order ID and address. Thanks! We track issues by order ID to see if there are trends that can teach us how to fix future issues and we never assume that somebody hasn't moved since they ordered.