LX1 Bias Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

LX1 Bias Lighting is made by Scenic Labs (the makers of The MediaLight). Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions.

How good are LX1 Bias Lights compared to MediaLight?

LX1 Bias Lights are second only to MediaLight and they blow everything else away in this price range, which is kind of crazy because the quality is so much better for the price. 

LX1 costs less than MediaLight because there are fewer LEDs per meter and the CRI is 95 instead of ≥98 Ra (SMPTE recommends > 90, which 95 exceeds). That's how it's cheaper.

Then why do other "budget" bias lights cost about the same as LX1? Because they are overpriced for what they deliver.


For $30 you can buy a 5m Lumadoodle and add a remote for $12.95 = $42.95

For $35 you can buy a 5m LX1 and add a remote control for $6.95 = $41.95

LX1 is cheaper, but If you looked only at price compared to other lights like Lumadoodle you'd be making a big mistake. 

*LX1 is ISF-Certified (ridiculous accurate color temperature versus not accurate (advertised as 6000K and closer to about 5800K, which isn't the reference standard)
*LX1 has CRI 95 (ultra-high CRI) versus 75 (poor color rendering)
*LX1 is compatible with many more dimmers and controllers
*LX1 is warrantied for 2 years (versus 1 year)

So, LX1 gives you more for less.

Do the lights turn on and off with the TV?

Are the LX1 Bias Lights exact D65? 

Are your Bias Lights D65 compliant?

Can I buy the LX1 without a dimmer?

What about your company? What expertise do you bring to the bias light space?