LX1 Bias Lighting

Introducing LX1 Bias Lighting

Let's get straight to the point:

Other bias lights in this price range are overpriced dreck, not worthy of lighting a broom closet, let alone placing behind your display for image accuracy. 

LX1 is designed to provide unbelievable value and accuracy in a bias light unlike any other (aside from MediaLight) for a price that is so low that you'll wonder why other companies charge so much for garbage.

But how do we really feel? 😛

We feel strongly enough that we've decided to take them on and beat them, not only on quality, but on price. 

LX1 was launched in early 2021 by Scenic Labs, the makers of the #1 MediaLight Bias Light and worldwide publishers of the Spears & Munsil Benchmark, with the goal of making great bias lighting accessible for everyone. 

MediaLight has been recognized by many trusted sources as the finest bias light available anywhere.  But we’re not going to lie. Maybe 20-30 times a day, people ask us why the MediaLight costs more than other bias lights. Couldn't we make a cheaper product? We could, but we'd have to build it differently and it wouldn't be a MediaLight. It would be something new. 

The reasons for the Medialight's cost are related to build quality and accessories: 

But, first and foremost, 98 and 99 CRI LEDs are expensive, and we included a lot more of them per meter than most strips include of cheap LEDs.

We wondered if maybe the MediaLight wasn’t over-engineered for some people. 

You can get a decent TV for about $500, and it might suffer from some bloom or light bleed, but are you going to spend $80-90 for lights for a TV in that price range? 

Maybe not.

But does that mean that you should sacrifice lighting accuracy when color and tint are, as a whole, pretty great even on mid-range TVs?

We wanted to see if we could take away the extras that people weren’t willing to pay for (and weren’t included by competitors) and create a totally separate line of bias lights. You can still add a remote or a dimmer, but you only need to buy what you need. And if you have a 5v dimmer from your older light, it probably works with LX1. 

This new bias light is called LX1. It’s not a MediaLight, but it’s from the same team and built to exceed specifications. 

It features: