LX1 Bias Lighting

Lighting the way the director intended.

Introducing stunningly accurate
LX1 Bias Lighting
from the makers of MediaLight.


Easy to install

LX1 Bias Lighting comes in 6 convenient sizes, and can be cut down to your exact size.

You can install the LX1 Bias Light in just a few minutes - in most cases, without even taking the TV off the wall!

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Our light lab - Scenic Labs, the makers of LX1 and MediaLight Bias Lighting

Stop guessing. Start enjoying TV.

If you purchase 5 different 6500K bias lights from online marketplaces, you will almost certainly end up with 5 different colors. Some are green, some are blue and some are sickly yellow. Some use dangerous materials, like lead in the solder, to cut costs.

If you paid someone to calibrate your TV and they randomly mashed buttons on the TV remote until your picture turned green, and then they left toxic chemicals lying around, you'd kick them out of your house.

So why are you letting a stranger calibrate your lights?

We submit all of our products for rigorous testing by the Imaging Science Foundation. We only use genuine 3M adhesives in our products with material safety data posted on our site.

All of our products are RoHS compliant, and we maintain an advanced light lab right here in New Jersey, where we design and test our products.

Calibrated lights for calibrated TVs

LX1 was developed by Scenic Labs, the makers of the MediaLight. We realized that nobody was making an accurate bias light that was affordable and that offered the high CRI and accurate CCT (correlated color temperature) needed by home theater lovers.

Find out why MediaLight Bias Lights are the leading bias lighting solution in the world. We've taken our decades of experience in the video calibration software industry to create products that exceed industry recommended specifications. Our commitment to accuracy now extends to home theater with affordable and accurate bias lighting for everyone.

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Obliterate bad lighting.

"On top of that, LX1 is also ISF-certified for accuracy. Leave it to guys from MediaLight to make something this insanely accurate for such a low price."